We're Committed to Safety

Safety is top priority at Seymour Pacific and we are committed to the protection of our staff and property, on all our job sites. Having achieved C.O.R. Certification across Canada, we now exceed safety above industry standards and legislative requirements.

C.O.R. Certified

National C.O.R. Standard

Safety Mission

Zero Accidents

Safety Values

1. All injuries can be prevented.

2. Involvement in safety is necessary.

3. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

4. Safety is built-into every job.

5. Success in safety is contagious.

Safety is the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors and employees. All PPE worn on our worksites must meet ANSI and CSA standards.

Head Protection

Head Protection

From gate to gate, PPE includes hard hats and headgears is required for tasks that can cause any force or object falling to the head. 

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Our PPE includes safety goggles and face shields. It’s used for tasks that can cause eye damage or loss of vision, sprays of toxic liquids, splashes, and burns.

Hearing Protection

When our are workers exposed to excessive noise must wear proper hearing protection to prevent hearing damage and loss of hearing. 

Fall Protection

Fall Protection

We are dedicated to working from heights safely. Safety harnesses and lanyards are strictly used during tasks that may result in injury at heights. 

Foot Protection

Foot Protection

Knee pads and safety boots must be used for tasks that can cause serious foot and leg injuries from falling or rolling objects, hot substances, electrical hazards, and slippery surfaces.

Protective Gloves

Safety gloves must be used for tasks that can cause hand and skin burns, absorption of harmful substances, cuts, or fractures.


High Visibility

High-visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is used when workers are in conditions of low light or poor visibility, especially if you are working around moving vehicles. 


Hazard Awareness

Hazard awareness is an integral part of occupational health and safety. It is a repetitive and proactive learning behavior on risky situations in the workplace and how to handle them properly.